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Now that I’ve shared with you all how I clean my bathtub, I thought it only fair if I share with you how I clean that other bathroom appliance we all hate to clean: the toilet.

Here it is, in 3 easy steps!

  1. Promise your wife you will clean the toilet.
  2. Don’t clean the toilet.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until your wife gets so fed up that she cleans the toilet.

Obviously, this only works if you are happily married. If you’re not married, or if you are unhappily married, then this probably won’t work for you very well.


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What does a bathtub look like if you don’t clean it for a year? Hopefully you will never have to find out! Unfortunately for me, I found out.

One day, I decided it was about time to restore order in my bathroom universe, and resolved to tackle the bathtub scum. What is that stuff anyway? A nasty mixture of body oils, dead skin, and soap scum — itself a mysterious substance – ironic that soap itself has to be cleaned. Multi-coloured molds. Yucky.

The real question is how do you get rid of it? (more…)

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Centime Story

I was looking through my old papers and came across this little story I wrote 10 years ago. I hope you enjoy it!

Centime Story
by Eugene Huang

Centimes never really gave me a problem until Andi went away and left behind a bag full of them. I swear, they multiply when you’re not looking. I thought I knew how to handle centimes; I thought I knew how to control them: I get some from the store, and use them back in the store. Simple. Boy, was I wrong. I need to take a course in Centime Management. Perhaps they even have a degree program. I could become a Certified Centime Consultant.

One day, I had had enough, and went on a mission to get rid of the centimes. (more…)

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My biggest pet peeve ever

Ok, I’ve had it. I have many pet peeves but this one takes the pet peeve cake! From time to time, as consumers in society, we need to buy things. We go to the store and we buy something. Or we go to a website and we buy something online. And how do we decide which thing to buy, when there are many options to choose from? We do some research. We do a feature comparison. We do a price/feature/value comparison. We read reviews. Finally we buy the thing, and we take it home and we are so happy with our purchase. Until we smell it. Yes, smell it. And it smells deadly!

I hate hate hate buying smelly products, and I never never never remember to think about smell as a factor in my purchases. (more…)

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Welcome to a first in a series of “categorizations” articles where I briefly summarize all the ways people have devised to classify themselves.

I really like these categories. I really like categories, period. Did you know there are two types of people in the world? Those who think there are two types of people in the world, and those who know there are a lot more than two types of people in the world. Anyway, I still like categories.

These categories are from a book by Roger Von Oech, The Four Roles of the Creative Process.


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Much has been written about having an uncluttered living space. A lot of it, in my humble opinion, is not very good – they may sound good in principle but are just impractical. This article is a distillation of my best practices – tried and true.

One of my obsessions is with deriving things from first principles. So, presenting: principles for uncluttered living, explained from the ground up, in sequence and in order of priority. If you are struggling with messiness in your living space, this article may help you. I recently went to the library and found books about how to declutter your life. Who has time to read those? (more…)

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Crosses and Diamonds

Crosses and Diamonds - cross detail

Crosses and Diamonds - dome detail

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