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My biggest pet peeve ever

Ok, I’ve had it. I have many pet peeves but this one takes the pet peeve cake! From time to time, as consumers in society, we need to buy things. We go to the store and we buy something. Or we go to a website and we buy something online. And how do we decide which thing to buy, when there are many options to choose from? We do some research. We do a feature comparison. We do a price/feature/value comparison. We read reviews. Finally we buy the thing, and we take it home and we are so happy with our purchase. Until we smell it. Yes, smell it. And it smells deadly!

I hate hate hate buying smelly products, and I never never never remember to think about smell as a factor in my purchases. (more…)


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I decided to do some due diligence and crunch some numbers for the benefit of my readers.

To reiterate, I found it quite frustrating to get any straight answers out of the Aeroplan website. I will, therefore, attempt to answer a few basic questions myself. (Note: I’ve used the term “points” instead of “miles”. In my mind, using miles adds even more confusion.)

How many points do I get for my purchase?

There are many, ways to get points. They are all calculated differently. It’s terribly complicated. I’ll do a basic point calculation on a “standard” airfare purchase. So, here we go. I purchased an Air Canada ticket (Economy) for $926, which resulted in my accumulation of 8800 points. This means one dollar earns 9.5 points, or 10.5 cents per point.

How much are points worth in real dollars? (more…)

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I have a problem with Aeroplan. Actually, several problems. My experience with this rewards program is only as a customer, and let me tell you, I’m not a happy camper. How so?

  • Aeroplan seems to make it fairly easy to collect points, but difficult to redeem them. Tangible evidence, I have none, but it’s just a feeling I get when using the Aeroplan website.
  • If there’s no activity in your Aeroplan account for one year, then Poof! all your points disappear. This has happened to many people, and it’s just very customer unfriendly. Perhaps there’s a good reason for this, but no matter, it’s just not very nice. (more…)

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