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Pursuing the unknown dream

– I’m going to pursue my dream.

– What is your dream?

– I wish I knew. Sigh, I wish I knew.

I am embarking upon a journey which many, many people make, a journey to find my identity, my life’s purpose, who I am. I remember writing an essay when I was in my last year in high school, entitled “Who am I”. WHO am I? Who AM I? Who am I? The question still haunts me after a dozen years.

It is a life journey which many people are not able to make. For the majority of people in this world, they live to work, and they work to live. They are hungry, busy, and poor. They dream of enough to eat, an end to violence, and safety for their family.

Another group of people choose not to make this life journey. These people, for one reason or another, have stopped dreaming.

I am one of those people who have stopped dreaming. Somewhere along the way, and slowly, imperceptibly, my curiosity was tamed, my poetry silenced, my pen dried, and my ideas squashed. Certainly, everything seems OK on the surface, but profound changes in the soul may not be so easily detected.

Awake, now, my soul and soar above the daily routine! Oh, the sacred privilege of pursuing the unknown dream, the called, in search of the caller and a call.


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